Workshops and Mentoring

I have run workshops aimed at a variety of age groups for venues and organisations including The Writing Squad, Durham University Poetry Society, Ours/Us/We at the Customs House and Thorn.

“You book Kym when you want something slightly different or want to refresh your workshop – she always brings something out of left field, a quirky energy and sense of fun, but that is all underpinned by her people skills with which she maintains a nice balance between introducing ideas and prompts, then giving participants the time to think, respond and write.”

Steve Dearden, Director of the Writing Squad

My workshops try to bring something different to the table, offering writers the chance to work from and be inspired by material they’ve never considered before: antique Tarot cards, museum pieces, antique books, folklore and archive materials. I also run performance workshops, helping writers and poets get the most out of their time on stage with techniques from improv and theatre. My workshops are availible for organisations with a variety of budgets.

Kym is a seasoned workshop facilitator so their sessions are not only confidently delivered, but unique and challenging; the format is deceptively simple and gave us all really interesting new ways to view our work.  They have a knack for developing writing tasks which highlight new possibilities for people’s work. Since Kym creates work across several disciplines, both written and performed, they have the broad skills and experience necessary for a workshop, where those present are invited to respond to prompts in whatever written medium they choose.

Katie Byford, Director of Thorn

I am the current coach of the award-winning Durham University Slam Team, and have mentored the team since 2018. I also take private mentees for feedback on prose pieces of around 3000 words, or 3-4 poems. These sessions involve an hour’s online feedback, as well as a heavily annotated copy of your work. These sessions start at £25, but I am always happy to help emerging low income writers!

Kym is an exceptional mentor and teacher. They are incredibly attentive, giving feedback and support both on written work and holistically in regard to career guidance. Under Kym’s mentorship I have actualised what kind of poet I want to be and what I want out of poetry. Kym understands how to navigate submissions, event facilitation and the creative industry, and will go above and beyond to help out emerging artists. They are a pleasure to work with and are a gift to the creative community!

Chloe Eliot, Slam Team Mentee and award-winning poet.

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