Tarot Cards

The Marseilles Tarot unfold as a set of moving images: the Queen warns us about the dogs guarding the underworld, and hands us a sword that turns into a walking stick. Much more practical for the journey ahead. I take my inspiration from the famous readers of the Marseilles Tarot. There’s nothing too esoteric here: I read what I see and I tell a story.


“Kym read my cards early in 2020, when I was trying to understand how the pandemic might affect my career plans. They talked through the capabilities and limits of the cards with me, and explained what each part of the reading meant, both the cards individually and as a whole. With their help, I was able to sketch out a few possible paths and answers from the reading- and within a couple of months, it became incredibly clear which path had opened. I was very grateful for the time I’d had to make preparations, and I hope to have another reading again soon!”


  • 1/2hr Online Reading – £15
  • 1hr Online Reading – £30
  • Groups and event rates availible upon inquiry.

I’ve been reading Tarot for over ten years, and have been reading with the Tarot de Marseilles for half that time. Your reading will remain entirely confidential and I’m happy to provide pictures and notes of the reading for you to keep. I will only perform readings for repeat clients once every three months. If you would like to book a reading, please email me at kymdeyn@gmail.com

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