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Potboiler Carp is an illustrated short story published on Tapas, for ease of reading. It’s about lesbians, sphinxes, and the collective knowledge of the universe. It’s also about how Emmy and her monster friend want to eat their cereal in peace.
Potboiler Carp is written by Kym Deyn and illustrated by Lisa Steinberg.


  • 2016  Wicked Young Writers Award (shortlist)
  • 2018 Terry Kelly Poetry Prize (shortlist)
  • 2018 West Yorkshire Playhouse “Airplays” Competition (shortlist)
  • 2018 Slam of the North (won)
  • 2018 Roundhouse Competitor
  • 2019 BBC Words First Competition (shortlist)
  • 2019 Unislam Second Runner-up
  • 2019 Outspoken Prize for Poetry – Page (longlist)
  • 2019 Gateshead Slam Runner Up
  • 2019 Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize (longlist)
  • 2020 Outspoken Prize for Poetry – Page (won)

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